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Moringa Leaf Powder

Moringa Leaf Powder
Moringa Leaf Powder
Product Code : 06
Brand Name : Drumstick Leaves
Product Description

 Moringa Leaf Powder Or Drumstick leaves powder

We are a leading Indian manufacturer, exporter of  Moringa leaf  Powder from Mumbai.

 Matrix Biopharma Industries Moringa leaf powder offers a much concentrated and convenient source of  adding nutritious Moringa in our diet.

 Our Moringa Leaf powder is specifically manufactured as health supplement.

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Only young moringa leaves are sorted manually and processed hygienically and with advance technology to give best quality moringa leaf powder healt supplement.

 Starting with manual selection of organic moringa levaes to seperation of levaes manually and then low temperature drying.

 Drying is done immediately so that maximum nutrients are retained. Followd by gentle powdering to bring you healhiest nutrient Dense Moringa leaf powder in its most natural form. 

 Historical proofs reveal that ancient kings and queens used moringa leaves in their diet to maintain mental alertness and healthy skin.

 The moringa leaf powder is a concentrated nutrient rich food and is best after a meal or during a meal. Do not eat on an empty stomach.

 Unbelievable Nutritional Facts on Moringa Leaf

17 times more Calcium than that of milk,

25x more Iron than that of Spinach,

15x the potassium in a Banana,

10 x more vitamin A / beta carotene than carrots,

10 x more protein than yogurt

46 antioxidants

18 amino acids including all 8 of the essential amino acids

Arginine ( helps with high blood pressure)

Tryptophan ( helps w/ sleep, stabilizing emotions & clarity of thought)

Bioflavonoids such as Quercitin (good for controlling hot flashes)

All the vitamins & minerals that the body needs

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