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Flaxseeds Powder

Flaxseeds Powder
Flaxseeds Powder
Product Code : 08
Brand Name : Flaxseeds
Product Description

 We are a leading Indian manufacturer, exporter of Sprouted Flax seeds powder from Mumbai.

 Our Sprouted Flax seeds powder is a unique value added product in Indian market offering nutritious Flax seeds in powder form.

 Flaxseed is very well known health food. But our sprouted flaxseeds powder with enhanced nutritional profile and easy to digest form makes it  Superfood supplement.

 Why Flaxseeds are poorly absorbed in Human Body if taken directly ?

: Flaxseeds have natural enzyme inhibitors to prevent digestion. Milling or grinding flaxseeds does not decrease the natural enzyme inhibitors. The result is low bioavailability and hence grinded whole flax seeds have poor absorption in human body.


 : Matrix Biopharma industries have developed a unique Sprouting method to decrease the natural inhibitors that responsible for low bio availability of flaxseeds.

 Due to this, there is an increased absorption of Vitamins, proteins, EFAs, antioxidants, lignans, etc. and hence much better health results.

 HUGE CONVENIENCE : Whole flaxseeds if powdered needs to be consumed in TEN MINUTES as it becomes RANCID.

Our Flaxseeds powder has shelf life of Six months.

Our flax seeds powder is a CONCENTRAED POWDER OF FLAX SEEDS. And in a form that is easy to absorb by human body and also highly convenient for daily use. 

Pls visit for complete health supplement product details. Matrix Biopharma inds" Mumbai -India 

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