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Flaxseed Oil

Flaxseed Oil
Flaxseed Oil
Product Code : 09
Brand Name : Flax Oil
Product Description

We are a leading Indian manufacturer, exporter of one of worlds finest quality therapeutic grade cold pressed Flax seed oil from Mumbai-India.

We are proud to be most trusted brand of cold pressed flaxseed oil in country. Our cold pressed Flaxseed Oil is of highest therapeutic grade manufactured for prevention and fighting toughest of chronic health disorders and for general health and Fitness.

OUR EXPERTISE : Undamaged Omega 3 : Therapeutic Grade

: One of world's very few brands with provened results in Chronic diseases. 

Dr Budwig (Germany) invented Dr Budwig Protocol based on cold pressed flaxseed oil for treating mainly cancer patients. Her Protocol with Flax seed oil also has found useful in treatment of many chronic disorders such as Diabetes, Heart attack, Arthrtis, Asthma, Psoriasis, Obesity, CNS disorders, etc. Pls visit our website for first testimoinal of Cancer patient using our flaxseed oil.Then, Dr Uddos found flaxseed oil beneficial for athletes and bodybuilders and today, it is an integral part of all professional bodybuilders diet in foreign countries.

We are already a first choice for cold pressed Flax oil in country by leading health professionals.

Flax seed oil capsules V/s Fish oil capsules: Flax seed oil offers plant omega 3 vegetarian source of omega 3 manufactured with cold pressing free from chemicals and heavy metals and pollutants

COLD PRESSED FLAX SEED OIL                                                           

                         ........For BRAIN, BEAUTY, MUSCLE, STAMINA, ENERGY

FOR STUDENTS : Memory Enhancer

AS SUPPLEMENT FOR FEMALE : For Healthy glowing wrinkle free skin, hairs & strong nails 

AS SUPPLEMENT FOR MALE : Weight management, Muscles, Prevention of Diabetes, Heart attack

FOR ATHLETE , BODYBUILDING : Muscle Builder/Natural Fats Burner/Stamina Builder. Professional Bodybuilding Supplement.


SEXUAL DISORDERS: Male & Female impotency  

Pls visit for complete health supplement profile. Matrix Biopharma inds Mumbai -India

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