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Matrix Biopharma Inds - We are manufacturer and exporter of world renowned quality Nutritional Health Supplements / Dietary supplements from Mumbai- India.

Our Health Products Profile

Series of Healthiest cold pressed Oils

Flaxseed Oil : Omega 3 supplements - Therapeutic Grade : amongst world’s very few brands of Flaxseed Oil with proven results in chronic disorders as alternative medicine.
Also used by health cautious for cholesterol management, weight loss, bodybuilding, etc.
Black Sesame oil -  Superior to White sesame oil
Sweet almond oil -  Memory, hair and skin care product
Virgin Coconut oil - hair and skin care

Series of Green Superfoods in Powder Form

Wheatgrass Powder  -  Alkaline green superfood for general health and detoxification
Barleygrass Powder  -  Alkaline green superfood for general health and detoxification
Moringa Leaf powder - Drumstik leaves powder- Nutrition rich green superfood

Series of Sprouts Powders
Sprouted Flaxseeds Powder
Sprouted Soybean Powder
Sprouted Sunflower seeds Powder
(Sprouting makes FLAXSEEDS, SUNFLOWER SEEDS and SOYBEANS Easy to digest by removing enzyme inhibitors and also increase nutritional properties)

About Us

Matrix Biopharma Industries is a leading Indian manufacturer and exporter of natural health supplements and alternative medicines. Organic practices followed right from cultivation to manufacturing. We have state-of-the-art manufacturing facility at Palghar, Maharashtra with advanced technology that ensures international quality health products enriched with valuable nutrients. Our products are rapidly becoming first choice for health supplements amongst health professionals and health cautious in India and abroad.

  • Our products are natural, herbal, 100% pure and No side effects
  • We manufacture such unique health supplements in India, which are currently used in foreign countries for general health to alternative medicines.
Our Expertise
  • We specialize in producing the healthiest cold pressed oils.
  • Quality is unique and unbeatable with any international brands.
  • We also take utmost care to ensure nutritionally rich concentrated green super foods in powder form.
  • We manufacture some of healthiest Sprouts powder

People with chronic disorders such as
Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Diseases, Nervous system disorders, etc
(We recommend our products in scientific manner as dietary therapies to ensure maximum healing and health benefits)
For prevention of Chronic diseases
Weight Loss/ Cholesterol management
As a Health supplement to Men, Women and Children
For detoxification
For stronger Immune System

MLM supplier

We, Matrix Biopharma Inds are a reliable supplier to many MLM (Multilevel marketing or Network marketing) companies across India.
Un-compromised quality of health products and competitive prices makes us amongst leading health products supplier to MLM or network marketing companies in India.


We look for COMPETENT Distributors for our health products in Mumbai- Agra-  Ahmedabad- Amritsar- Aurangabad- Bangalore-Bharatpur- Bhopal-Bhubaneshwar-Calangute-Chandigarh- Chennai- Coimbatore-Cuttack- Dehradun-  Delhi-  Ernakulam-Faridabad-Ghaziabad-Gurgaon-Guwahati-Gwalior-Haridwar-Hyderabad-Imphal-Indore-Jabalpur-Jaipur-Jalandhar-Jamshedpur-Kanpur-Kanyakumari-Khandala-Kochi-Kolkata-Kota-Kottayam- Lucknow-Ludhiana-Madurai-Manali-Mangalore-Mumbai-Mysore-Maali-Nagpur-Nainital-Noida-Ooty-Panaji-Patna-Pondicherry- Pune-Rajkot- Secunderabad-Hyderabad-Shimla-Surat-Vadodra-Varanasi-Vijayawada-Visakhapatnam-Goa

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(World’s renowned dietary therapies against all types of Cancers)

Customer Care - +91-9821528355/ 9320627245

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